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Marble table – decoration of any living room

Marble table : An exceptionally chic and noble material, marble is ideal for a coffee table in the living room. Do not be afraid of the cold and severity of this natural material, it perfectly adapts to different trends and will bring real sophistication to your interior.

To learn all about marble coffee table fashion and maybe upgrade your old living room table, explore our little guide.

 Rectangular coffee table, Adelong

Why marble coffee table is in fashion

The living room is a room whose style we take care of in a special way, because it sets the tone for all the decoration. This room invites us to have a good time in moments of relaxation, when we can sit on the sofa to read a book, for example. And yet, the living room is the very place where we cordially meet our friends.
Marble table

The main pieces of furniture in the living room are undoubtedly sofas and coffee tables. Therefore, they are chosen with special care. Here we must admit that marble fits very well, as it instantly creates a warm atmosphere.

Marble, as a material, is valued for its naturalness and luxurious appearance. And all this against the backdrop of the evolution of trends that allow this stone with a discreet structure to adapt and show itself as the best element of living room décor.

A marble coffee table is easy to fit into any modern interior. All thanks to the rounded shapes of such furniture and fashionable combinations of materials. Clear lines and neat finishes – a marble table is perfect for both a designer sofa and a bedside table.

The marble coffee table adapts to all styles, combining with metal or wood. It can be very useful at the same time in the form of a small side table and the main element of the living room interior.

Choosing a marble table as a TV stand, you can bring a special sophistication to your interior. In addition, this choice is an important advantage: each marble countertop has random natural veins, giving your furniture a unique graphic structure.

Marble Table

Coffee table with marble top, Botello

Which marble coffee table to choose for fashionable décor

The coffee table is able to demonstrate the beauty and nobility of marble well, so it is an excellent choice as a fashionable element for living room décor.

Depending on the style you want to give to your decoration, you can choose a round or rectangular coffee table with a marble top on a metal, brass or wooden base. For a modern atmosphere, opt for a round coffee table with black metal legs.

In a more industrial interior style, the marble coffee table also blends beautifully with a metal base complemented by beautiful black marble veins.

If you want to bring a little simplicity and sophistication to your décor, choose an oval-shaped table with soft lines.

A square coffee table with a white top, located next to the sofa of your living room, will allow you to create a sophisticated atmosphere. You can also play a card of small side tables on which it is convenient to place books or put cups of coffee. Such furniture can also be used in a very fashionable and popular style of a folding table today.

Marble Table

 Coffee table made of marble, Arambol

How to Upgrade Your Old Marble Coffee Table

If you are lucky enough to own an old marble table, you can easily modernize it, and then harmoniously fit into your living room. Everything is quite simply played out in a combination of materials that compensate for the cold look of marble.

Replace the table legs with a thin base made of steel or black metal for a modern design style. A marble coffee table can also be made in the Scandinavian style, decorating it with wooden legs that warm your décor. Cold stone goes well with legs made of quality wood, such as solid oak or walnut.

Marble Coffee Table

Théoleine coffee table, large size

What style to decorate a marble coffee table

A marble coffee table is synonymous with sophistication and fits all décor styles. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to fit into the dimensions of your living room, and creating harmonious clean lines. Round, oval, square or rectangular – the coffee table easily takes all shapes.

In a Scandinavian-style décor where there is a warm atmosphere, a marble coffee table will look best with a beautiful white top, veins and legs made of light wood that fit perfectly into your living room. In addition, the marble coffee table can be used as a complete part of the sofa or instead of a magazine rack.

A rectangular or square stone shape with a black marble countertop and steel metal legs is perfect for industrial-style décor. The brass version will add extra chic to your décor thanks to a special combination of noble and high-quality natural materials.

Béate-Marmora coffee table with marble top

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