Wood ceiling designs

Wood ceiling designs

Wood ceiling designs will perfectly fit into the design of almost any interior. Wood is a truly versatile material that is suitable for decorating most rooms, regardless of the style in which they are decorated. This design always looks really unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Wood ceiling designs Features

It is believed that wood is the material that should be used for wall and floor decoration. In practice, wood makes very high-quality and beautiful ceilings. Today, they are becoming more and more popular, since this material has a huge number of advantages:

  • Security. First of all, it is environmental friendliness. The wooden ceiling is completely safe for health, because it is made of natural material, minimally treated with protective equipment. Wood allows air to pass through, and in some cases also fills it with a subtle forest aroma.
  • Reliability. Wood is also distinguished by high heat and sound insulation properties. A room with wooden ceilings will be warm and calm. For this reason, this material for ceiling decoration is often chosen when making repairs in the bedroom.
  • Price. This is a controversial advantage, because along with cheap lining, there are also very expensive types of wood. But in general, the cost of wooden ceiling decoration is not very high. You can always find an inexpensive and at the same time high-quality finishing material for repair work in your room.
  • Uniqueness. And, finally, it is impossible not to note the original and attractive appearance. Wood is a material that is beautiful in itself due to its texture and patterns on its surface. That is why wooden ceilings no longer need any additional processing or coating with a layer of varnish.

However, if you want, you can work on the wooden paneling, decorating it or supplementing it with LED strips. This will allow you to integrate the ceiling into any interior.

Wood ceiling designs Views

Wood ceiling designs

Different types of wood are used for covering the ceiling with wood. Here it is impossible not to agree with the fact that the more expensive the wood, the more aesthetically pleasing and luxurious the ceiling looks. One of the leaders in sales is pine, which is not too expensive and looks gorgeous. If you want something more exotic, you can choose, for example, cypress with an original rough surface. But in addition to using natural raw wood, there are other ways to finish the ceiling.

Wood ceiling designs Lining

One of the most affordable options is lining. It consists of smooth edged boards with fasteners. It is due to the presence of special fasteners such as a tongue-and-groove that the lining remains so easy to install. The boards are easy to mount on the ceiling, even without any skills.

The lining is made from different types of wood. For example, mahogany, oak, beech or larch. A little less common is lining made of cedar and other conifers.

Wood ceiling designs Panel

Another interesting option is to finish the ceiling with durable wood panels. They are usually created from valuable wood. True, in most cases, only the front part of the panel is made of such expensive material. In addition to it, there are two more layers. Cheaper species, such as pine, are used to make them.

The panels are of high quality and quite durable due to the fact that high temperature and strong pressure are used during their processing. During installation, too, there will be no problems, as in the case of lining.

Wood ceiling designs Plate

The slab is not only ceramic or stone, but also facing, made of precious wood. Such finishing material is currently produced in huge quantities and is quite in demand.

A great option is plates that are impregnated with special wooden wax. Their main advantage is water resistance. It is for this reason that you can not be afraid of negative consequences and install such stoves in bathrooms and kitchens. Over time, their durability will also please you – the material does not crack or delaminate.

Wood ceiling designs Galteli

This type of ceiling decoration is unusual for many. In fact, this is a kind of plinth for the ceiling, made of wood. Fillets allow you to hide some minor flaws that are on the surface of the ceiling. The length of each such part is about 120 mm. It does not have any joints that spoil the appearance of the ceiling.

These finishing parts are attached to the ceiling with self-tapping screws, nails or even liquid nails. All these options are quite reliable and durable.

If desired, you can create various interesting compositions from them or lay them out in the form of geometric patterns.

Wood ceiling designs Plywood

It is an affordable and wear-resistant material. Several layers of wood are used in the manufacture of plywood. This is what makes it so durable. Plywood is good because it is very easy to process and, if necessary, can be finished with paint or tinted. You can also simply make the material more durable by coating it with special solutions.

Wood ceiling designs False beams

Particular attention is paid to false beams when choosing materials for ceiling decoration. They are not used as often, but they have a lot of advantages. In addition to lightness, strength and durability, they are also distinguished by the fact that inside each beam you can hide wires or mount lamps in them. With the help of such aesthetically pleasing beams, you can visually raise the ceiling or expand the space of the room. Therefore, they are very fond of designers.

Wood ceiling designs Wallpaper

Another interesting option is wooden wallpaper. They appeared on the construction market relatively recently. In fact, this material combines the characteristics of wallpaper and wood panels.

This finishing material looks elegant and very interesting. They are made of cork wood or veneer. One of its main advantages is the ability to sound insulation, high quality and ease of cleaning.

It is not necessary to make a ceiling of full-fledged bars or unedged wood. There are many interesting modern finishes, among which it is easy to find the one that suits a particular room best.

Wood ceiling designs Surface décor

Additionally, there are many interesting options for finishing a simple wooden ceiling. This allows you to achieve a variety of effects.

One of the most common finishes is tinting the surface or coating it with transparent varnish. This is done in order to simply emphasize the texture of the wood. This type of treatment additionally increases the strength of the finishing material.

The construction of natural wood can be additionally decorated with a variety of embossed beams, ledges or even niches.

This allows you to bring something new and original to the interior.

There is a fairly simple design secret – the use of light wood for finishing the ceiling. This move allows you to visually raise the ceiling. The room seems more spacious, which is very important. When working on one room, you can combine several types of light wood at once.

Wood ceiling designs Style & Design

Wooden ceilings can be used in the design of any room. There are many interesting styles in which you can apply this design move.


One of the most modern styles is high-tech. It is characterized by the use of clear lines and geometric patterns. Wood is quite appropriate here, since it is one of its basic materials. In the high-tech style, you can use dark-colored boards, and something more original, for example, decorative beams.

Country and Provence

These two styles can be combined into one as they have some rustic elements. Both styles are characterized by the use of wood in huge quantities. Ceilings made of this noble material are no exception.

In these styles, lining and simple wooden planks are most often used to decorate the ceiling. Now such material as wooden wallpaper is gaining popularity.

You can use wooden trim both in a private house and in apartments. And although Provence and country used to be most often used in the countryside or province, now they are also found in large cities.


It is characterized by a combination of materials of different origin. In one room, both artificial details and those that are of natural origin are combined. In the Art Nouveau style, wood is very often used. On the ceiling, it can be combined with white inserts or antique decorative details.


Now the style of the chalet, which came to us from the north of France and Switzerland, is popular. Previously, decoration in this style was present in tiny wooden houses, now it can be seen in the hallways or bedrooms of modern apartments.

This style, like the Scandinavian style, is characterized by the use of light and natural tones. It can be just light shades of wood, and pure white. In contrast to light tones, darker ones can also be used. Therefore, a light wooden base in such a room can be trimmed with dark wooden beams.


Noting different stylish and unusual directions, it is worth mentioning the eco-style. Now it is in great demand in the wake of everyone’s love for everything environmentally friendly and safe. Wood just belongs to the list of natural materials that are practically not processed and therefore are so well suited for the eco style.

When decorating the ceiling, natural wood is used, not painted, not covered with huge layers of varnish and retaining its original appearance. The appearance of the ceiling in the style of eco should be as natural as possible.


Fans of original design solutions will also like the rooms decorated in the Japanese style. As you know, the main finishing materials in many eastern countries are wood and stone. To decorate the ceiling in a Japanese-style room, you can use simple wooden panels in dark colors. You can also experiment with additional elements, decorating the surface with slats.

In addition to these stylistic directions, there are many others that accept the use of wood as a finishing material for the ceiling. For example, you can decorate a room in a classic style using carved wood panels. Or decorate a loft-style room with wide beams made of dark wood.

Care tips

In order for the wooden ceiling to remain high-quality and durable longer, the material needs to be fully cared for. First of all, it is worth remembering that wood is not always a wear-resistant material. Therefore, in some cases, the layer of antiseptics and other protective equipment should be restored on a regular basis.

If the ceiling is unstable to moisture, then it should not be wiped with damp cloths. For cleansing, it is better to use a dry whisk. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface not only in the corners, but also at the junctions of boards or beams.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Natural wood trim can be used in a wide variety of rooms. This can be seen by looking at various interesting examples.

The first example is a bright living room decorated with natural wood. Everything here is natural – the walls, the floor, and, of course, the ceiling. This combination of materials allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room, conducive to family rest and relaxation. Since the ceiling has a slightly unusual shape, its base is complemented by suspended beams. And the dark wood makes the transition between the dining area and the seating area smoother.

The lighting is also thought out here. In combination with the light base of the ceiling, this allows you to visually enlarge the space and make it more comfortable for relaxation.

The second example is more contrasting, but no less attractive. In this case, the base of the ceiling is made of light lining. It is complemented by wide beams made of dark wood. It looks very attractive and interesting. The ceiling is decorated with several lamps, which, despite their size, give enough light and help create a special atmosphere.

In the third example, dark wood is used as a finish. The same type of decoration is used to decorate the walls. It all looks very organic.

Wood is a wonderful finishing material that many people like. It can be used to decorate modern apartments and to decorate luxury country houses.

You can see a mini video review on how to make a ceiling from edged boards in this video.


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